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Graduation Year:2021
  • Defensive End


Austin Henard


Colleges that you are interested in:

LSU, Michigan, USC, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Wayne State, Eastern Michigan,


What separates me from everyone else is my speed. Guys that weigh 240 are not supposed to run 4.9 in their 40 yard dashes. Maintaining my 3.8 grade point average is important to me as well.

How I play the game:

My play style starts with technique, speed and finishing plays. I am a very physical player. My biggest intangible is that I'm very coachable. I try to learn the scheme of the defense and what is expected of me by my coaches, normally the first time instructed to do so.

Outlook on High School football and it's experiences:

I had a tremendous football camping season that really set me up to do great things for my high school team. I'm looking forward to getting a national ranking to be able to pick the College that best fits me.

Discuss the potential opportunity of playing on the next level:

Becoming a college football player would be the ultimate goal for me for many reasons. It would help me to get the education that will forever help me with my future. Secondly, playing college football has always been the goal for me, the experience looks to be exciting and I know the only way to get there is through hard work and dedication.

Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous:

Football University Freshman All American, Boom Best of the Midwest MVP award, Rivals Adidas combine accumulated top three scores in the U.S. For defensive ends for the class of 2021. Selected to The Show in Dallas Texas. Selected to Top Gun from the FBU regional camp in Chicago. Won a scholarship from the Best of the Best football camp in Grand Blanc to go to the Football University Regional camp in Chicago.